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A bit of introduction

An IT enthusiast and DevOps with 15 years of software development and system administration experience.
Started with Delphi as an 8-year-old kid, then got to know several other languages and techniques. Later got involved in digital electronic and microcontrollers, IoT (Internet-of-Things), smart home technologies.

Curriculum Vitae: English, Hungarian

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System and Server Administration

I could have put big numbers here visualized on spectacular counters, how many Linux instances I have installed so far, how many emails the mail servers I operate have forwarded, how many web requests the web servers served in a safe way, but I don't think they matter at all.

The main point my customers don't have to deal with their web servers which provide their presence on the World Wide Web, mail servers that are seen as the alpha and omega of their day-to-day work, and with their other special application servers because I take care of them.

Can be physical or virtual. Locally or co-hosted. One or more. Having logo of a magenta swirl or a red hat. Does not matter at all. I basically am a huge Debian fan, but variety makes a difference, moreover, it is a challenge for me if I need to deal with something else.

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Besides the "classic" desktop software – following the current multiplatform trend – I mostly prefer web-based applications nowadays for the most of the areas of use. My principle is to develop desktop/native application only if it is really necessary due to special tasks, more direct hardware usage, etc.

My first big project was an aural-visual passenger information system for railway stations in 2014 which was followed by more railway- and not railway-targeted software. Among others, I have been working on a digital TV signage software for a local cable-TV company and a gatekeeper–worktime management programme.

Nowadays I work on a software called BusinessMan which has been evolved from a budget preplanner application for not-for-profit organizations. Development has been started in 2015 and still receives new features frequently.

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When it comes to computer networks, I mostly use the industry-validated MikroTik and Ubiquiti devices for home and small business use. Possessing MikroTik Certified Network Associate (MTCNA) and other different Cisco certificates.

I am ready to install, manage and supervise the well-known Microsoft Active Directory system that is used by small companies up to multinational enterprises.

Oh yes, at most of the time network administration goes hand in hand with server administration...

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How do I work?

Some crucial points that I put a great emphasis on during all my projects, works and tasks.


Measure the requirements and plan the best achievable solution.


Continuous and direct communication and discussion with the customer.


Development with the most modern tools and platforms.


Small fixes or a bigger re-design? Not a problem!

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